Week 9 progress report


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There was a bad luck with me last week. my OpenSuSE Linux broke down
when i changed a CPU. so i updated the system to a higher
version(OpenSuSE 11.0), which works well till now, but the bad news is
my private GnuPG key was lost, 'cause i didnot backup my data in the
root directory(it is a bad habit using the roor user).

After some configuration(such as installing Pidgin,Stardict;
highlighting GTK+ syntax in Vim, .etc), the work evironment is ok now,
the nightmare has gone. 

Howerver, there are some good news, such as most of my codes is in my
SVN repos, so the lost was very little; and i find a bug in my codes
with the new environment and it is fixed now. Besides i reconstruct my
UIs according to the feedback from my soc blog. 

i add another configuration dialog for GPG Key selection, although there
is few people using more than one GPG Key, we also provides the choice
for that case. One can select and apply the GPG Key can sign and encrypt
in the GtkTreeView. i borrow the icon file(GTK_STOCK_APPLY ;)) from GTK+
to indicate which key was applied now if exists.

According to Coly Li, a guy from Novell, one usually puts all of his/her
email address to a GPG Key, which is also the reason i replaces the
combobox with the GtkTreeView(borrow from the Seahorse). 

which is activated by clicking the configure button in a newly-added tab
page in Account Editor.

So, i would like to manage the certificates as the GPG Keys(adding a
button and a dialog).
Please fill free to give me some feedback.:)

ps: because my private key was lost, so change a new GPG Key in my

Happy Hacking!
Zhang Shunchang
NLP-group, ISCAS
GnuPG Key ID:FCB042D5
fingerprint:38D0 DDFF BDCC 1E5A 53F9  F1A8 B568 CFA4 FCB0 42D5

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