MediaManager, week 9

Hi everyone,

As I said in my last mail two weeks ago, during the eight week, and
about half of this week, I've been busy with the last summer exams at
the University.
Now that I'm done with it, I've already started to work on my project
again, and I've checked in a big rewrite of all the autofoo
infrastructure and the first bits of libmmanager-gtk.
I will work on this almost full time for this week and the next one,
before leaving for holidays; please refer to the Timeline section in my
mail for the 7th week, it's still valid :)
I think I will be able to complete the project, it's very cool for me to
see what I've achieved so far! Ohloh says my project is worth $47.6K so
I feel very wealthy now :)

I still haven't made any tags in the git tree for the last progresses,
but as usual, you can check out the code from [1]. If you try to compile
it and something feels wrong, please send me patches :)



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