Cheese and OpenGL - 7th week report

This week I went on with the investigating about making gstreamergl
render to a cluttertexture. 
There is a thread in clutter-list if you want to follow the discussion.
It seems a bit harder than I thought and could involve some deep
re-engineering on gstreamergl. I've started to write some test code but
it still doesn't work and I'm not sure it ever will :P. 
I'll leave this thing as optional and work on it in the spare time
because it could lead to waste my whole time on it ending without
anything useful.

After the feedback I received with the screencast (thanks ;)) I started
to make some new more difficult effect. 
I learned a lot about convolution filters and understood I was doing it
in the most expensive way so I implemented a couple of shaders for
separable convolution that can use larger kernels (up to 9x9 atm) with
no noticeable speed loss. I used these for obtain a good gaussian blur
and created a Glow effect that does almost the same thing of gimp
SoftGlow filter. 
I did some test with a chromakey filter (well.. more a difference matte
filter). I already have something working but it's really difficult to
make it behave correctly. It needs a uniformly colored and lighted
background and a good webcam, mine is really too noisy. Furthermore this
kind of effect is really sensible to light changes so I should find a
way to disable my webcam's backlight compensation to prevent it from
dynamically changing lighting when this effect is set. I tested the
correspondent Photobooth effect and it behaves exactly the same, it's
not easy to do chromakeying without a green screen :P.
This effect can be easily modified to create an "overlay" effect that
adds a transparent image over the current frame. If you have a good
"jail window" image or some heart, balloon, ..., frame send it to me and
expect a new screencast soon!
That's all for this week, I will be really busy with the last exam of
the semester during the current week so I won't be able to code much :(


Filippo Argiolas
Jabber: filippo argiolas jabber no
Irc: fargiolas (GimpNET, Freenode)

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