Re: Tagging & Emblems Weekly Reports

Hi everybody,

last week I was pretty busy at GUADEC and completely forgot to send a
report. But probably all of you have enough to read and do so that I
guess nobody missed it ;-).

GUADEC was very interesting and inspiring event which was a lot of fun,
too. We were quite some SoC students there. Especially with
Cosimo,Andrei,Felix and Tobias I had a very good time.
I could use the time very well to discuss my project with a lot of
people and it definetley helped a lot. The week before GUADEC I was
turing my focus again towards the problem of where to apply the emblem
in a senseful way. At GUADEC I had the chance to discuss it with
especially hpj and cosimo which principally agreed but also had some
refinements... I will soon but it as a proposal on the gvfs and nautilus

On Wednesday I fly back to Frankfurt. So there is one more day in
Istanbul tomorrow U will use for visiting the Hagia Sophia + do some

take care and best regards


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