F-Spot color profile support: Week 5 Report

Hi! So it's time to summarize what I have already done :)

Following steps are done:
(apply the color profile to)
1) main picture
2) icons: main icons, small icons below it and icons from FilmStrip.cs, small icon below the main image in the "edit image" mode
3) fullscreen view, slide view

* printer profile

and it must be done:
1) save the current profiles in file and load it after program/system reboot. 2) icon in sidebar (troubles: when the icon is set automatically -- it take the image without color profile but when the user set the icon (with change tag icon menu) it take the image WITH color profile, it must be fixed :)
3) fix bugs and optimize the code
(now a important bug -- when I apply profile to transparent color on image)

modified file list:
1) AsyncPixbufLoader.cs
2) ColorDialog.cs
3) PreferenceDialog.cs
4) F-Spot.glage
5) Photoview.cs
6) MainWindow.cs
7) IconView.cs
8) Global.cs
9) PixbufUtils.cs
10) PrintOperation.cs (draft variant, only to understand is it right pixbuf copy)
11) TagView.cs
12) FilmStrip.cs
13) TextureDisplay.cs
14) TagSelectionWidget.cs
15) Makefile.am (drag the TagView.cs to other file group -- before it was a namespace error. any other way to fix it?)
16)* ColorManagement.cs (I plan to use this for all color profile features)

Vasiliy Kirilichev, F-Spot, color profile support

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