Cheese and OpenGL - 5th week report

Hi, finally, here is my 5th week report, I know it's a bit late but I've
been very busy until monday with a couple of exams, so I tried to do
some work in the last 2 days to not post another empty report ;).

I managed to solve an annoying bug with opengl framebuffer objects and
the new multipass rendering system I started to implement some week ago
(before to get stuck with exams..). 
Now it works pretty good, and from now on it should be easy to attach
multiple effects subsequently and blend multiple effects results
together. It still needs some polishing and testing but I'm quite
satisfied with the result.
Now, not necessarily soon, I need to think how to handle multiple effect
I'd like to do everything on a single gstreamer element with properties
so I could change effects without having to rebuild the pipeline. Maybe
a string property to tokenize like "fx1 ! fx2 ! ... ! fxn"? Having
everything on a single would be good to do some tricks with fbos and
save performances.
Anyway, the current plugin name is GstGLEffects, how about changin it to
GstGLEffectFactory? It sounds good, doesn'it ;)?

I found some spare time to implement missing distortion effects: Bulge,
Twirl, Light Tunnel and Fisheye. So I'll concentrate on more "artistic"
and complex ones during the next weeks.
I'll commit everything this evening since I'm going out now and i'm
already late.

Next report will probably be shorter because I'm preparing everything
for the Guadec week, I'm having some troubles to find flights
coincidences since I need to take at least 2 flights to reach istanbul
from sardinia :(. Hope to solve everything soon so I'll be able to show
you some live demo there and have fun with all of us :D!



Filippo Argiolas
Jabber: filippo argiolas jabber no
Irc: fargiolas (GimpNET, Freenode)

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