Re: fifth report: cheese integration

On Mon, 2008-06-30 at 10:51 +0200, Felix Kaser wrote:

> lets talk about summer of code though: during the weekend I worked on 
> the DBus interface for gnome. At this point I must say: thanks a lot 
> Marc-André and Cosimo for your answers! Especially Cosimo....I owe you a 
> big gelato! Cheese has now a remote method to activate the whole 
> cheese-dbus part and emits a signal when cheese-dbus is activated and a 
> picture is shoot. (at the moment the signal gets emitted with every 
> shoot, the activation part isn't complete yet ;) )
> I've had a long fight with catching the signal in the client, but at the 
> end it worked!
> Nothing more from me for now, enjoy the week and see you next week in 
> Istanbul!

Glad it worked!
See you soon in Istanbul then! :)


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