VoIP features of Telepathy/Empathy - Report Week 2

I have post my second report on my blog ( http://gcorvala.blogspot.com ) so I paste it here.

As I had planed it with my mentor ( Olivier Crête ), these first 10 days were dedicated to learn how work empathy and telepathy. This is finaly done. This week-end, I have started the integration of the libstream-engine with farsight2 directly in empathy. I had a lot of trouble with autotools ( automake and autoconf ), so after a lot of tests and after disturbed Xavier Claessens, I have reached the integration of this libstream-engine lybrary. Now it's done, I'm going to start the modification in the implementation of Empathy, more exactly in the "libempathy/empathy-tp-call.[ch]", to use the libstream-engine API and no more the DBus API, and try to make some optimisations. Following my Gsoc planning, I must close the libstream-engine and farsight2 integration the 10th of July. I hope finish it before the 7 July, the midterm evaluation. I am happy to start coding some features soon. Now, I'll stop writing and start to work! :)
Here is my git-branch : git://github.com/gcorvala/gsoc2008.git
Good luck to every Gsocers :P We'll rock the world !

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