Soylent - Progress Report - Last One

Hi Gnome SoCers!

Time flew by fast, and it seems as GSoC is finally over. It was a great experience for me. I've learned so much new and cool stuff. Some times I learned the "hard way" with many errors I made, but hey, I won't do them again.

The future looks promising, with libsoylent and the People-Project approaching and Soylent being further developped.

Here the work from last week, with another release:

Thank you, everyone at Gnome for helping and commenting our work, thank you Gnome GSoC staff for caring about us. Thank you Travis for being a great mentor through the whole GSoC period. Thank you everyone I forgot ;) .

Was great to read about your projects and progress here, hope you all could finish your work! I'm really astonished by the work that some students here have done.

Okay, that's enough for now! Let's stay in touch via the Gnome community :) !

See you :)
- Sven

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