Conduit & iPod Module - Week 11

These are the items I've done this week:
  • Refactored iPod Audio and Video dataproviders. They now share a common base doing most of the work.
  • Finished the GStreamer converter (finally), now it runs on all tests I tried. A few improvements are still pending.
  • Finished converting all encoding parameters to GStreamer (for audio and video).
  • Wrote some initial iPod video parameters for encoding. I still need to add the work I was doing in two-pass encoding to include more iPod profiles. Videos are successfully converted to a format supported by the iPod, but I still have to test if it can be played in the iPod.
  • Wrote a small configurator for iPod dataproviders to allow the user to select which encoding to use.
  • Tried to optimize the iPod db locking shared by threads, but it only got worse :( Now I need to lower the time a db is opened, so a db only needs to be locked when multiple threads are syncing, but this will be left for later.
  • Wrote a prototype interface to the iPod GUI and got some feedback from the Conduit list. I got busy with the other items so I couldnt improve on the prototype, I plan to do it this week.
Alexandre Rosenfeld

EngComp 06 - USP São Carlos

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