My name is Zhang Shunchang, i live in Beijing,China. i am a second year
of graduate student in GUCAS(Graduate University of Chinese Academy of
Sciences). i am the sencond time to GSoC, last year i completed a
project for ASF(The Apache Software Foundation). This year, i just want
to change my field and participate in the GNOME, which i like very
My research interests includes natrual language processing, computional
linguistics and machine learning. In my spare time, i would like to
write some opensoure codes. These days, i am planing a new opnesource
project about pinyin input method of Chinese. Welcome to anyone who give
suggestions to me!

Feel free to email to me, i would like to hear from all of you. If you
come to Beijing, please remember me, i will be a good tour guide.:)

Happy Hacking!

-Zhang Shunchang
NLP-group, ISCAS
EMail:freebsd13 gmail com
MSN:freebsd13 163 com

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