FoieGras GUI - 30/05/2007

hi all,

Last week wasn't very successful. Mostly because my PC got really annoying
and Ubuntu isn't booting. I tried every thing but couldn't fix it
yet. I'm even
writing this report from another machine. Until the PC got damaged I was doing
well. So I'll tell what happened before PC started giving troubles.

Don and I talked about the project and he decided it'd be best to open a place
for FoieGras in SVN since now the coding is going ahead. I was actually hoping
to commit my starting works(not much) to svn in last weekend. I was doing
works in designing text Editor and adding some tag support to textBuffer and
telling it how to render it.

Now, from this week since the coding phase is legally started I'll give SoC the
top priority, even than the university works (There's no exams or
funny things going
on for now so no trouble there) . Currently I'm finding out what the
heck is wrong
with my machine and doing coding from another machine.

Thank you.

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