Introduction and Progress Report


My name is Ori Bernstein, and I'm working on creating a cross-application
scripting framework (think DCOP or AppleScript here) and converting at least
a few applications to use it. 

I'm a McMaster engineering student, majoring in EngPhys (Engineering Physics)
and minoring in computer science. I've got a website at, but
currently it is _very_ content free. 

And now for something completely different -- a progress report!
This is going to be a relatively short progress report, since I've mainly
spent the last week researching, not implementing.

So far, I've mainly been figuring out exactly the best way to approach this,
looking at various other scripting technologies to figure out how they work.

I've also been familiarizing myself with DBus, and I've looked briefly at
GObject introspection, and the way language bindings are done.

Next week, I'll probably start with some experimentation to get a better idea
of how I want this to work. I'll also see if I can find myself a cheap Mac to
use so I can play with Applescript, although right now I'm slightly short on
cash/income =(

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