So Lucas' mail finally got me to post here to introduce myself, report
progress and talk about GUADEC.

I am going to improve the layout management of GTK+ by adding long
requested features - specifically height-for-width management, baseline
alignment and natural sizing. Details can be found in GNOME's wiki:


My motivation for taking this project is to get more involved with the
GNOME project by tackle some long exisiting problems of GTK+.

Progress can be tracked by cloning the extended-layout branch of this
git repository[1]:

Already had some nice chats with my mentor Federico, and there are some
first test programs:


But there will be no progress on that project until May 14th as I'll
marry this weekend and go on honeymoon for the next week.

GUADEC: Want to join it until wednesday, but for the moment I am quite
focused on this wedding thing. ;-)


[1] I would have been quite happy with just working on a SVN branch, 
    but I started with commiting code, before I knew Behdad would work
    on speeding up the SVN account queue for us SoC students...
Mathias Hasselmann <mathias taschenorakel de>

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