Gnome Scan Weekly Review 2007/06/25

Hi all,

The past week was busy for other tasks (mainly scouting). So i did
nothing. I restarted some work today, but i still i have to relaunch my
motivation. I'm working on preview area. I doing it a bit differently
from 0.4 : it's modular, and it use Gtk+ style to pick colors and it
handle "insensitive" state. I may switch quickly to processing if i
don't find my motivation in preview area.

I know i'll have to fix callibration/color correction which i didn't
take in account when i designed gnome-scan NG. Hopefully, the new design
is extensible enough, and it won't be a great pain. I'm just wondering
how to use device capabilities as far as possible.
Verso l'Alto !

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