Progress Report - Evolution - 2007/26

Hi folks :)

Did I mention, that I have submitted first patches, last week? Although
these patches are rather trivial I got mentioned in the latest Release
Notes.. So I contributed to the GNOME project *yay* :)

This week I looked further through the code and I begin to get a feeling
of how to deal with a large gnome application. But I am rather far away
of getting all of it, which made me feel like a moron over the time. But
fortunately my mentor told me not to try to get all of it. Just narrow
it down as good a possible and investigate on that pieces of code.

Said that I built many evolutions with even more debug printfs. I dealt
with gdb to watch the program, too. Again, my mentor Sven helped me out
as I was not able to find relevant code-pieces as I don't know class and
signal handling very well, yet.

Last week, I said, that I want evolution to sort in a different way,
than the original version does. So I implemented a strange sorting
algorithm, which sorts an email addresses according to their part before
an "@" character. Thats not very cool, but at least I know how to make
Evo sort the things as I want :P

To make evolution use that algorithmn, one has to "attach" it to a
coloumn. I did that, but actually it didn't work out of the box. It took
me even more debug printfs to determine that I should have made a make
install for things to work properly... (Well, according to my debug
output, the sorting does very well, but Evo segfaults anyway :-\)

Next week I'll try to investigate especially on sorting of email
threads. I will be off from monday till thursday, but I will read the
dev guide meanwhile. And I will catch up by spending whole friday plus

So long,

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