[PiTiVI] Progress report

Again, PiTiVi is a video editor which is designed to offer Simple, Intermediate, and Advanced UI views. Last week I did some work on the SimpleSourceWidgets, GTK+ widgets which represent clips in the timeline. This week I focused on the editing widget view, the widget which allows the user to trim the length of the clip in the timeline.

After finally getting my SVN account straightened out, I uploaded last week's changes. Then I set to work on the SimpleEditingWidget.

Laying out the editing widget was as easy as laying out any other GTK+ container. Making it work was another matter. As I began to read the code, I realized that it would be too complicated to just start hacking, so I wrote a design document which I submitted to Edward Hervey for review explaining what changes I was planning to make, and hilighting areas that I was having trouble understanding.

Edward responded promptly, and as it turned out there were some features missing from the back end. Essentially, we had no way to extract thumbnails from clips in the timeline. Edward quickly implemented a GStreamer sink element which provided thumbnails back in the form of gtk.gdk.pixbuf objects. I have been spending some time with the code trying to understand that and some of the other recent changes to PiTiVi. We've got some gremlins that we are trying to shake out which are causing PiTiVi to hang at inopportune moments. I've spent the last few days traveling to San Digeo, so work on my end has been a bit slow. For the remainder of this week, I'll be trying to clean up the editing widget and get usable so that we can make a preview release.

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