Report for week 25/2007 - GStreamer plugins & extensions

sorry for being late again.

In the last two weeks I continued working on the GstController:
A cubic interpolation mode is now implemented and much bugfixing,
cleanup has been done and committed to CVS too already.

Currently I'm working on a rather large task. This is refactoring the
GstController to not only allow interpolation between different control
points but to have a GstControlSource which could do whatever it wants
and returns values for timestamps. For example one could implement a
GstControlSource which returns a sine wave or another periodic waveform
(which I will implement after all refactoring work is done).
As this has to be done in a backward compatible way everything is a bit
hairy ;)
This all is already part of my project's second "chapter".

Also missing for all this refactoring is currently some documentation
for new functions and documentation changes for everything else.

Afterwards I'll continue to clean up what is left, optimize some
functions and maybe implement another interpolation mode or
GstControlSource if I get a nice idea ;)

No idea how long I need to get this finished, but I hope to get it done
by next week.

And then I'll finally finish the dithering/noise shaping support for
audioconvert in a way that hopefully makes everybody happy by
documenting everything better and trying to make the code more readable
(which will unfortunately be very hard :( ).

Next point on my list would then be accurate seeking support for MP3,
which currently makes MP3 audio in Pitivi and other apps essentially


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