Jokosher VoIP Integration - 19/06/2007 Report

Hi all,

Now that I've got most of the libempathy and libempathy-gtk functions
I need working as python bindings I've finally been able to get on
with some fun hacking on Jokosher itself. A user's contacts (managed
by Telepathy's Mission Control) are now offered as possible
instruments which can be added to a project:

Next I'll see about fixing some problems with the python bindings so
that the avatar pixbuf generation works correctly, rather than just
assigning everyone with a generic avatar.

Ben (my mentor) has suggested I add a filter to the "Add Instruments"
dialog, so that users can select to only see normal instruments or
only see network instruments if they wish. I think I may extend this
to also allow users to filter by contact groups as well, so users
could display only their friends, or only their fellow podcast
presenters or however else they like to group their contacts.


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