Hi all,

Again sorry about the lateness of this report. But I was away from
home for last few days because I had to represent my university in an
exhibition. So I had to participate it, and got late to send this
weeks report.

How ever, I tried to do my works without stopping them. I'm still
doing works with tags and made a file to configure the look of the
tags. So if any one want to change the appearance of the tags or add
more tags he will be able by editing that file.

So there's nothing great work to report, but added some more code to
the project. I couldn't talk with Don in last week(obviously because
of my mistake) and I have to talk with him and to get his ideas about
the recent developments. Oh, And I'm coming to GUADEC and have to get
visa and other stuff required done. So I guess that's most of what I
have to say in this week.



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