HID stuff - Almost-weekly report


A little update on what I've been doing the past days/weeks (next to
studying and trying to make decent exams):

As noted before I had to get in touch with both Daniels and the HAL
list. It looks like Daniel is working on the HAL-integration in the
Xserver stuff now, but he can't drop the code (yet). This means I can't
work on it either, but a first commit should be there soon.
I sent an email to the HAL list about the possibility to add Logitech
mouse resolution setting code to HAL devices. There wasn't that much
response initially, but after a while Davidz and the Lomoco developer
popped in. Looks like Lomoco is being refactored into a library now
(something I'll help with), which *could* be used by HAL if the setting
methods would be added. If not, the library should be used by
hid-device-managers directly, although this involves permission problems
which should then be tackled by hacky udev scripts.
Getting the KDE ControlCenter input module maintainer on board would be
useful too here, I'll get in contact with him asap.

That's about it for now, one more exam to go next week.


PS. If anyone got any unused mouse or keyboard devices around (USB,
wireless, whatever), feel free to send them into my direction ;-)

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