Progress Report - Evolution - 2007/24

Hi folks :)

This week was more successful then the last one. After my post to the
list, I instantly got help from Nickolay. Thank you for that!
After I filed a couple of bugs, complaining that evolution or it's
dependencies do not compile, they got fixed and everything compiles fine
now. Even on my notebook where things were even worse then on my

Although I consider this week as a good one, I can't write much about
it. I hacked around and played with gtk. I inserted a dialog which will
be displayed, when a function is called. So I learned a bit about
Evolutions structure. I also played aournd with gcc and friends and
watched, e.g. produced code after running the preprocessor.

So nothing productive^tm, but I think, I learned a lot.

My goals for the next week are to improve my knowledge about evolution
in general and, as I want to improve the displaying of threaded emails,
play around with sorting. So let evolution sort email by, say, the
length of the authors name or so.


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