Progress report: Telekinesis

This week was mostly spent fixing bugs and memory leaks in
telepathy-salut, so the code has been improved a lot. The only thing I
have to do before starting to work on empathy is moving the OOB-specific
code from salut to gibber (the library used by salut to handle XMPP).

I tried the interoperability with other clients, the only applications
supporting file transfer in local networks are iChat and gajim, as
reported on the SalutInteroperability page[1].

The iChat implementation is rather buggy and it requires the use of some
apple-specific technologies, for instance when he gets a file using HTTP
it expects to receive a stream using AppleSingle encoding: you have to
put a binary header before the actual file content containing some
attributes, such as the mime type, the short DOS name, the icon, etc.
This is why currently salut is only partially interoperable with

Gajim supports file transfers but it can use only SOCKS5 with
negotiation, so at the moment it doesn't work with salut.[3]

On the mailing list we discussed[4] some changes to the file transfer
spec to resolve some problems I found, now I'm using my branch of the

I also removed some libraries and programs from the jhbuild moduleset,
so now it's easier to build everything.[6]


Marco Barisione

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