FoieGras Tags- 2007/6/7


Sorry for being bit late for the report. I'm having some tough time
with having heavy fever. So couldn't do much work in last few days.
But I'm coding or studying about the tags and The deference between
Doc book and FoieGras when every I'm in front of PC. So even though
the work was going slow in last week I've managed to do some coding.

What I've been doing is first I created a simple GUI with a VPaned
object and made a simple environment for editing and translation
parts. And then another class for TextBuffer and another for
TextTagTable. So I'm now putting some inline tags to tag table such as
"em" and other font manipulations. So currently what happening is I'm
looking at doc book, and comparing it's with Mallard tags (there's a
page done by Shanum about Mallard tags) and implementing them. So
that's what I did last week and currently doing. I'll go into block
elements later.

So even though it's bit slow I Hope to make the progress faster in
this week since I'm getting into the project.


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