Changing metacity into a window-and-pointer-manager report: 5/6/7

SoC progress report: June 05, 2007

First of all, sorry for the delay.

This week I studied. Studied about my SoC project and also University
stuff. Things are getting hard here... What I studied was how to
implement the multiple foci. I had a few chats with Elijah (my mentor)
and with Peter (from MPX), and now I think I finally "get it".  Just
gotta do some final tests to fully understand behavior of things, and
then implement stuff!

I was already expecting to have difficulty/no tome at this part, so
everything is still under control. This week we have a holiday on
Wednesday and Friday, so I will have time.

Once I get the multiple foci part implemented, I'll create a branch at
metacity's repository and then commit stuff for everyone!


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