Brave New X11 World - Progress Report

Hi everyone,

One of these weeks, I will get around to NOT submitting these reports
a day late :)

This week I have been mainly working on writing the patch for gdk,
regarding the bug I've mentioned a few times:

I'm not going to write a whole lot here today, since this is all I've
been working on. I've posted a lengthy comment on the bug about some
things I need clarified, so if anyone here is interested in the
details of it, just follow the link above.

I will also mention now that I will not be submitting the next two
reports. This Friday, I'm heading to Germany to attend a wedding.
After that, it's 12 days backpacking in Croatia and Slovenia! That
will be the "vacation" part of summer. I'll be posting pics (or at
least updates if I can't be bothered with the pictures) on my blog at

When I get back, I will have 2 months and a week of full time
dedication to SOC. Before I head off, I hope to have an initial
version of the gdk patch ready. It won't be tested enough to be
merged, but hopefully it should more or less work.

That's all for this week,

Pascal Schoenhardt

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