Re: Fw: Re: SoC status?

В Втр, 05/06/2007 в 04:34 -0400, Ori Bernstein пишет:
> I'm copying the list on the mail I sent to my mentor a little while ago:
> ---
> Anyways, I've been talking with Ryan (desrt) and it looks to me like the way to
> go is to use DBus as the scripting engine, since it exposes objects, method
> calls, and all that other stuff. It also means that we should be compatible
> with KDE4's scripting, since they're replacing DCOP with DBus, although I
> haven't found any doucmentation on the exact interfaces (ie, are there any DBus
> interfaces I'd need to implement? does it all go on a certain object path? ...)
> IMO, the best way to bring this to Gnome is to make sure DBus has good,
> painless bindings for the languages in use in Gnome, which means that C really
> needs lots of work, in the way of fixing GObject Introspection and writing a
> thin DBus binding around that. I'll be working with Rob Taylor on getting those
> up to shape, I think.
> Eventually, I want scripting an application to be just exposing an object or
> two on the bus, something like "dbus_g_expose_object(object, "method1",
> "method2", ...);", with the martialling and so on done automatically from
> introspection information.

I really wonder how it will cooperate with ally framework. Recently it's
use is limited just because not so many developers are interested in
accessible apps. Its not so clear why the second way of making
applications accessible will improve situation.

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