Re: SoC students @ GUADEC

On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 14:57:37 +0200, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> said:

> Hi,

> So it's probably a good thing for the students of this year's SoC to
> attend GUADEC if possible. We talked with GUADEC organizers, and they
> love the idea. We could have a room where people can meet and talk about
> SoC projects, for example. While there's no guarantee, it's possible
> that you can get a sponsorship to attend GUADEC if you need it. Of
> course, attending GUADEC is not mandatory :-)

That would be quite cool. I've looked at some of the talks, and it seems
like it would be interesting even if I wasn't there WRT SoC

> While registration for GUADEC isn't open yet, we'd need to know if you'd
> like to attend the conference and if you'll need a sponsorship for it.
> This will help the GUADEC organizers a bit. Please show them some love
> and reply to this mail so we can know about your plans wrt GUADEC.

I'd love to attend, but since I'm on the wrong side of the atlantic, I will
need sponsorship. 

Another thing that could help out is hooking up SoC students together for
sharing hotel rooms. Even setting it up with some people sleeping on the floor
of the room would be great, since it'd save on hotel fees. Really, who needs
a bed? ;-)

> Thanks,
> Vincent

 -- Ori
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