[gnome-slackware]Problems compiling a few packages


I'm upgrading to 2.0.1.  I started compiling package in the order shown

Some packages fail on "make install".  Some complain about languages
andothers have troubles copying files over.

The one that gives me the most problems though is libglade.  Here's
what I do:
./configure --prefix=/usr

It does it's thing and when it's done configuring, it complains about
not finding a "usable version of python".  I have the latest version of
python installed with the expat modules.  I've searched google for any
info on this problem, but apparently I'm the only one to experience it
(I really doubt that though).

I'm running Slack 8.1 on a dual PIII 733 box.  So, can anybody help me
out here?


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