Re: GNOME Shell and system extensions being part of a mode

On Wed, 25 Oct 2017 at 12:15:37 +0200, Didier Roche wrote:
I guess RHEL should a similar problem shipping gnome-classic by default,
made of system extensions, which can be equally overriden by user's update

I think GNOME Classic mostly dodges this by its extensions being
relatively tightly coupled to GNOME Shell versions (they are unusual in
that they are released as part of GNOME itself, rather than following a
disconnected schedule like third-party extensions), so the newest version
on e.g.o that supports a particular Shell is very likely to be the same
one shipped by every distro that has that Shell version. gnome-shell and
gnome-shell-extensions are constrained to be the same minor (although
not micro) version in Debian, and presumably the same is true elsewhere.


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