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2. systemd-shim (limited support for some of the systemd apis)
-development halted

systemd-shim is not an reimplementation of logind, its a wrapper to
the use of systemd logind and a few other components without 
requiring systemd init. It certainly provides enough for a full 
GNOME support up to 3.14 and probably 3.16, we were using it in 
Ubuntu GNOME up until the recent switch
to systemd init, and it worked well.

I don't know where you heard development is halted, Canonical will 
need to keep maintaining it so long as they still have upstart in 
the archives.

I based the comment on the fact that the last commit to
was Dec-14, but maybe Ubuntu uses a different git repo?

That notwithstanding, I'm trying to make 3.16.x work and the only 
way forward would seem to be to
debug the "gnome-shell.desktop failed to register" error, hence the
request for help :)


Check out Devuan: supposed to be a Debian derivative without systemd.
So far it's vaporware, but they might be able to assist in this regard.
I wouldn't expect the Gnome Development community to be the place to ask.
Devuan has a website:

Thanks for Devuan link - it does indeed appear to be vapourware so far.

I would have thought that the gnome development community was exactly the
place to ask why I cannot get stderr output from gnome-shell when called by

Is it possible to get js log and js error messages from gnome-shell by using
something like:

main (int argc, char **argv)
freopen("/tmp/mystderr.txt", "w", stderr);

and then:

log('mymessage ');

Or, if this is not the way, how do I get them?


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