Re: 401 error

On Mon, 2015-06-01 at 09:53 +0100, Sam Bull wrote:
In GNOME Shell 3.14, on Ubuntu 15.04, my extension is no longer able to
sync to Owncloud due to a 401 error. Is there a change to that causes it to use cookies or something? I am
trying to authenticate by passing the username/password in the URL. I'm
not sure if there is an option to disable cookies or something else I
need to do to get the authentication working.


Does anybody have any idea? I still haven't got this working."GET",
        "http://user:pwd owncloud url/index.php/apps/notes/api/v0.2/")
just keeps giving a 401. I can test this in curl and it works fine. This
used to work before I upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04/GNOME 3.14. This is also
broken on my Gentoo box with GNOME 3.14, where it was working fine on

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