stderr output from gnome-shell

I've been trying to get stderr messages from gnome-shell-3.16.2.

if I change src/main.c line 400 to read:

main (int argc, char **argv)
  freopen("/tmp/mystderr.txt", "w", stderr);
  GOptionContext *ctx;

I expected to get JS LOG (I added "log('main.js start ');" to js/ui/main.js)
and JS ERROR messages, but all I get is an empty file /tmp/mystderr.txt

As a test, I modified things to read:

freopen("/tmp/mystderr.txt", "w", stdout);
printf("This text is redirected to mystderr.txt\n");

..but again, all I get is an empty file.

Is there a trick to this? How do I get stderr output from gnome-shell


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