Re: Key Release Events

X11 has no such mechanism to give that to you. Key presses and
releases are sent directly to the application that has focus, not to
the window manager.

Main.wm.addKeybinding allows you to register a "grab", which is a way
of punching through this model, but unfortunately, grab semantics are
hard to make work for the release case. So we don't properly trigger
keybindings for key release.

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 4:40 PM, Vjekoslav Brajkovic
<vjeko brajkovic org> wrote:

I am writing an extension and would like to get notified when a
key-*release*-event has occurred regardless of which actor has key focus and
without changing it.

From what I understand, the indented way of doing this would be by
registering a callback with Main.wm.addKeybinding() and specifying a desired
KeyHandlerFunc. The problem is that key release/press information seems to
be missing when the handler gets invoked -- the  ClutterKeyEvent parameter
is missing and instead of it I get Meta.KeyBinding.

I have also tried doing global.stage.connect('key-release-event', ...), but
the stage does not receive any signals unless I change the key focus to an
actor like overview, which I assume propagates its signals.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


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