Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 78, Issue 2

Hey Ramaddan,

I think this Ansatz has several issues, the most severe being the
possibility of one user spying on the input of another user. AFAIK this
is possible, as the apps are attached to the very same X server. The
usual way is to choose "switch user" if the screen is locked and you
return to GDM and can log in as another user. Then you can switch to
different user sessions via Ctrl+Alt+F8 or what ever virtual console
the X server lives on.

If you only want to run a certain application as a certain user on the
same desktop, this is currently possible e.g. via SSHing to localhost
and X11-forwarding (should be okay for non-graphic intensive apps.)
or by copying the Xauthority file to the user's home directory and
setting DISPLAY=:0 for the other user.  



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