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Isn't that what you could do with VNC booting up several sessions on the same user? Anyway, it doesn't work well with gnome-shell to have more than DE for one user... I think it's some dbus thing

On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 1:38 PM, Ramaddan <ramaddan gmx com> wrote:
Hi everyone,
I have enjoyed using gnome shell since it came out, and would like to first thank you for your great work.
I sent a similar message to the nautilus-gnome list, and was about to include this suggestion in that message, but then realized it should be posted to a separate list than the nautilus list.
This is my first time posting on these lists, but I was wondering if anyone suggested the following:
Having the option of making workspace behave independently:
1 - Being able to lock each workspace at will, and that workspace cannot be viewed an what is on it unless password is given
2 - Being able to have more than one user, each using a separate worspace, and this can behave like running a subuser for the workspace, under a main user for the whole desktop
3 - Being ale to logout from subuser, and then the workspace returns as belonging to the main user
This can be nice for a quick operation without having to logout of the current desktop session for example.
It comes close to multiseat, but not fully.
Hope this is a useful idea.
Thanks again for your time

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Javier Domingo Cansino

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