Aw: Problem with applications-overview tooltips

The issue was fixed in the newest version on my github-repo

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I am trying to fix the gs-ext-applications-overview-tooltip extension, displaying tooltips under the icons 
in the application-overview. Theoriginal extension 
( stopped working after gnome 3.8 and i 
try to fix it for gnome >= 3.10. So far I was able to fix the extensiopn and add some enhancements, but I 
have one Issue. The extension does not work, until i visit the overview and then re-enable the extension 

The cause of this is, that in the enable() function of the extension I try to get list all of the 
app-icons from the overview menu calling:

let appIcons = Main.overview.viewSelector.appDisplay._views[1].view._items;

The output of:

global.log("appIcons after enable",Object.getOwnPropertyNames(appIcons));

in the enable function shows nothing after the login or restart, After I go to the overview 
and THEN re-enable the extension, I got the expected result (list of keys = appIcons). If I do this in the 
looking-glass console, it works allright even after the restart of gnome-shell.

Could please someone help me with the issue ?



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