Re: 'window-closed' signal?

Hmm, so I'd have to listen for the 'unmanaged' signal for every single window and keep track of that? seems like it'll add a bit of complexity but I guess I can manage.

For the 'window-added' and 'window-removed' signals in MetaWorkspace, do those behave like 'window-left-monitor' and 'window-entered-monitor' in MetaScreen? i.e. if a window leaves one workspace and goes to another will that be a 'window-removed' and a 'window-added' event?

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Giovanni Campagna <scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
2014-05-12 22:42 GMT+02:00 Diego Fernandez <aiguo fernandez gmail com>:
> Hey all, I'm currently messing around with making my first extension
>  The idea is to be able to
> return windows to their original monitor if you plug a monitor back in.
> Right now I have the extension mostly working.  I keep track of all open
> windows and update the list only when more than one montior exists and on
> any 'window-left-monitor' and 'window-created' events.
> The problem I'm having is the case when a saved window gets closed while in
> a single monitor setup.  If that happens, shell breaks when I try to return
> the windows after plugging a monitor back in.  I need to be able to listen
> for any window-close event to remove the window from the list... is there an
> easy way of doing this?
> I noticed that 'window-left-monitor' catches windows closing, but it seems
> hard to check what caused the signal.

You can use the 'unmanaged' signal on the window, if you're careful
and not call anything at that point - only the identity of the object
is valid.
Alternatively, MetaWorkspace has window-added and window-removed signals.


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