Re: JavaScript stack trace in ABRT bug reports

Hi Jakub,

That sounds fine, and I'll review any patch to gjs you guys submit. Just curious, have you investigated what Mozilla does for their stack traces? We can't be the only ones having this issue. A little Googling suggests there might be a way to grab a JS stack trace out of a core dump file, which might be more interesting than having some sketchy code run in the SIGSEGV handler:

On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 5:18 AM, Jakub Filak <jfilak redhat com> wrote:

I am a member of the ABRT team. We have recently found an interesting page about
GNOME Shell debugging[1]. According to that page, it is possible to obtain a
stack trace of executed _javascript_ code in gdb. So we got an idea to include
the _javascript_ stack trace in Bugzilla bugs filed by ABRT. I tried to obtain
the _javascript_ stack trace by attaching gdb to a core dump file but it didn't
work because we can call a method only when gdb is connected to a process.

But we got another idea. Would it be possible to write the _javascript_ stack
trace to a file (or journald) in a well known path upon receiving a UNIX
signal? This already works for JVM, which creates the hs_err_pid.log file[2]
when a JVM process is to die and ABRT includes the hs err log file in Bugzilla


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