Re: Help on searching application in activities overview

You need to run a post-install script to update the database of
desktop files. You can use a template for the script from pretty much
any other desktop app, see the polari AUR for example:

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 9:40 AM, Rafael Ferreira <rafael f f1 gmail com> wrote:
Hi there,

I'm packaging Novell Groupwise and Messeger for archlinux and I'm trying to
make their desktop file searchable in Activities Overview, without success.

The installation directory is '/usr/share/applications', the packaging
instructions can be found in [1] [2] and their desktop file can be found in
[3] [4] (as well in the source tarball mentioned in [1] and [2]).

Can someone please help me make these files searchable?

Thanks in advance,
Rafael Ferreira


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