Re: Extension problem with lockscreen

On Sat, 2014-06-07 at 08:48 +0100, Neil Bird wrote:
Around about 06/06/14 17:18, Thiago Bellini Ribeiro scribbled ...
I was crazy those days because I could not find the reason. Also, I
can't find where the log is those days.

   Seconded:  I'm on F20 / GNOME 3.10 and I've not a clue where 
gnome-shell & extension errors/output are now going.  Is it even hitting 
a file?


I think debian jessie went to journalctl and systemd for logs and init.


F20 uses journalctl and systemd for sure.  The following script is handy
for viewing Gnome Shell logging.  It displays the log entries for the
current session.  You can use alacate to put it in the overview menu
apps and make it a favorite.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
pid=`ps -ef | grep $USER | grep "[0-9] gnome-session" | grep -v grep |
cut -c 10-14 | sed "s/ //g"`
/usr/bin/gnome-terminal --window --full-screen
sleep 1
xdotool type "journalctl --user --no-pager --full _PID=$pid "
xdotool key Return

Hope this is useful.


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