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On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 4:13 AM, Sam Bull <sam hacking sent com> wrote:
> > Whoever
> > thought up the Frequent / All buttons deserves kudos.
> > I have seen that most postings are in relation to issues/regressions,
> > etc.,

Speaking of which, is there any way to revert this behaviour, or to set
the All tab as default?

I actually take the time to manage the menu, and remove clutter. Which
means my All tab tends to be only a little bigger than the frequent tab,
making the frequent tab useless in my circumstance.

I hardly ever use the applications menu, so I'm not sure how this holds up over time, but my understanding is that it will display whichever was last used? Or perhaps this resets to "frequent" each session? If the latter, that might be worth filing a feature request to have the "last state" persist across sessions.

Michael Knepher

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