Re: Gnome 3.8

On Mon, 2013-07-22 at 16:17 -0500, Marshall Neill wrote:
I just installed Gnome 3.8.   Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. 

I agree completely.

Alt+F2's command line is also really quick for the odd-ball thing you
need to run.  I used to have to have an applet for that, and it was
always clunky.  Now it is built in [and people keep talking about having
'less features'... not the GNOME Shell I've met].

Built in screencast recording - Awesome!  There have been apps for that
in the past - none of them have worked well.  Shell's screencast
recording works perfectly every time; and painless.

Accessibility options are findable and usable.

thought up the Frequent / All buttons deserves kudos.
I have seen that most postings are in relation to issues/regressions, 

That is the natural negative bias of the Internet.  Happy people do not
have a motivation to post - they are happy!  The sad thing is most
people who read Internet forums/lists/news don't keep that in mind; that
makes everything look bad, and really revs up those who are naturally
negative themselves.

but this time I felt compelled to write congratulating the Gnome Team.
Gnome 3.8 is great.
When I initially installed Gnome 3 I disliked it, but kept coming back 
in hopes that it would improve.  Well it has, GREATLY.  This new version 
is spot on.  So easy to use and well thought out.

It does take some getting used to, one has to be willing to change some
of one's own practices.  But I agree that it is worth it; the result is
a much smoother, less cluttered, desktop environment.


Congratulations on a job well done.  All the naysayers should look at 
this version, I believe their opinion would be greatly changed on the 
positive side.


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