Re: Gnome keeps degrading every release.

Il 16/07/2013 17:30, Jasper St. Pierre ha scritto:
We are very concerned with the performance of gnome-shell across all
devices. Unfortunately, given the large range of PC combinations that
can be built, it's hard to ensure that we're always improving.

What CPU, GPU, and driver are you using? Additionally, since it might
help in testing, what distribution are you using, and do you have any
special tweaks that we might need to test with?


Hi Jasper,

I am currently using Arch Linux, but I-ve tested fedora 19 with the same outcome.

CPU: i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz
GPU: Intel Ivy bridge HD 4000

Details on software and drivers that I tested are in the bug report I've mentioned earlier.

What typically happen is that animations are sometimes slower than other times. Particularly, if I do not go into the overview for some time, the first time I activate it results in a "laggy" zoom out animation.

I am also seeing rather "laggy" workspace switching animations.

Finally, and this never happened before, sometimes animations happen with a significant delay; let's say I press the Super key, then the overview only appears after one second (maybe with a smooth transition, but after a noticeable delay).

I am always saying sometimes because the behaviour is not consistent, in the sense that it comes and go (again, if I animate the overview many times in a row, I typically get faster and faster animations for later invocations, only to find them slow again at a later time).

I also installed at some point Fedora 18, and there everything was smooth, but then if I remember correctly I got some lag after updating the system to the latest packages from Fedora 18 repositories, so maybe it really is something in kernel/video drivers. I am planning to install Fedora 18 on an external HD in the coming weeks, and see if it works ok. Then, I'll update piece by piece and look for the culprit. however, I might just have been unlucky, or not careful, and the lag was really (and unfortunately) introduced by Gnome 3.8.

Having said the above, if anybody has a clue at what my target should be, then I'll be very glad to hear it. Be aware that I tried::
- all the latest kernels
- mesa from the master branch as well as 9.1.x and 9.0.x
- The Intel video driver at versions 2.21, 2.20 and from the master branch (both UXA and SNA)
- The performance CPU governor
- Disabling the GPU RC6 power states
and all of these didn't help.

Hope this information may help,

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