How do I use global.display.add_keybinding?

I'm trying to train myself up in writing Gnome Shell extensions
through simple little exercises. My current goal is to write an
extension that responds to a specific shortcut key. Looking at
extensions like "brightness control" and "web search dialog", I gather
I need to use the "global.display.add_keybinding" function... but I
can't find any API documentation for it.

I trawled through the source of Gnome Shell to find, in
"shell-global.c", the properties for the "global" object. (Was this
the only way, or is there documentation somewhere else I've missed?)
According to this, "display" is a "MetaDisplay" object, which is a
"Metacity screen object for the shell". But I can't find any
documentation for it, and looking through the Mutter source code
hasn't helped much.

So where do I learn more about this?

â Jason

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