Shell crashes after unlocking screen when using the "native windows placement" extension

Hi everybody,

I have upgraded to the latest Gnome 3.6. I am experiencing frequent crashes of Gnome Shell, which never happened before.

Given that I consider the shell to be very solid, I though that the culprit might be some extension, and in fact I can reliably reproduce the crash by activating the "native windows placement" extension, locking/unlocking the screen (with the new screen locker) and going to the overview. Such combination makes the shell crash telling me (in the terminal running the shell process):

St-ERROR **: st_widget_get_theme_node called on the widget [0x53d0480 StWidget.workspaces-view] which is not in the stage.

Is somebody else seeing this? Any idea what is going wrong with that extension, given that it doesn't seem to be a JS error?


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