Mutter 3.3.92 released

About Mutter

Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages
your desktop via OpenGL. Mutter combines a sophisticated display
engine using the Clutter toolkit with solid window-management logic
inherited from the Metacity window manager.

While Mutter can be used stand-alone, it is primarily intended to be
used as the display core of a larger system such as GNOME Shell. For
this reason, Mutter is very extensible via plugins, which are used
both to add fancy visual effects and to rework the window management
behaviors to meet the needs of the environment.


* Automaximize large windows on map [Adel; #671677]
* When unmaximizing windows, make sure the unminimized size
  is signficantly less than the maximized size [Adel; #671677]
* Don't offer maximize option for windows larger than the screen
  [Jasper; #643606]
* Always focus the window immediately underneath without restacking
  when closing a window [Jasper; #620744]
* Avoid drawing shadows when two windows are tiled together [Rui; #643075]
* Remove tooltips for window decorations [Florian; #645101]
* Add org.gnome.mutter.dynamic-workspaces GSetting - when this is set
  to true, workspace counts are never saved to GSettings, avoiding
  pointless disk traffic for GNOME dynamic workspaces [Florian; #671568]
* Add ::grab-op-begin, ::grab-op-end signals to MetaDisplay [Jasper; #670658]
* Add meta_display_get_ignored_modifier_mask() [Florian; #665215]
* Remove pointless wrapper methods on MetaPlugin [Jasper; #671103]
* Fix frame drawing with 3.3.x GTK+ releases [Florian; #671796]
* Build fixes [Jasper, Rico, Rui]
* Misc bug fixes [Damien, Jasper, Lionel, Marius, Owen, Rui;
  #661256, #667437, #671601, #671087, #672374]

 Stefano Facchini, Adel Gadllah, Lionel Landwerlin, Mariusz Libera,
 Rui Matos, Florian Müllner, Jasper St. Pierre, Damien Radtke, Owen Taylor,
 Rico Tzschichholz

 Nilamdyuti Goswami [as], Ihar Hrachyshka [be], Alexander Shopov [bg],
 David Planella [ca], Carles Ferrando [ca@valencia], Kenneth Nielsen [dk],
 Bruce Cowan [en_GB], Daniel Mustieles [es], Mattias Põldaru [et],
 Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio [eu], Timo Jyrinki [fi], Fran Diéguez [gl],
 Gabor Kelemen [hu], Changwoo Ryu [ko], Anita Reitere [lv],
 Kjartan Maraas [nb], Wouter Bolsterlee [nl], A S Alam [pa], Piotr Drąg [pl],
 Duarte Loreto [pt], Yuri Myasoedov [ru], Daniel Nylander [se],
 Matej Urbančič [sl], Miroslav Nikolić [sr], Tirumurti Vasudevan [ta],
 Sasi Bhushan [te], Daniel Korostil [uk], Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy [vi],
 YunQiang Su [zh_CN], Chao-Hsiung Liao [zh_HK, zh_TW]

======== (1.56M)
  sha256sum: fd31de6084dd5a11cfed5528af679e71f7a195267c5ac7705f2090c990b5c1f7

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