Re: enabling a single gnome shell extension breaks the system

On 2 March 2012 16:57, Giovanni Campagna <scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
> Il 02 marzo 2012 16:39, Pavlos Parissis <pavlos parissis gmail com> ha scritto:
>> On 2 March 2012 13:35, Pavlos Parissis <pavlos parissis gmail com> wrote:
>>> On 2 March 2012 13:19, Giovanni Campagna <scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
>>>> (sorry for top replying, you mail is too long)
>>>> Looking at the error, it seems a known and long fixed bug in
>>>> alternative-status-menu. You should file a bug at your distribution to
>>>> get the latest upstream version or, better yet, stop using packages
>>>> and install the extension from
>>> OK, I will remove this extension and install it from
>>> But, I remember I got the problem even when I was not enabling this
>>> one. - I will confirm that.
>> OK removing the package for the extension I am using solved the problem.
>> I noticed that the auto-move-window doesn't work on, is it a know issue?
> Doesn't work in what sense? Does it crash or doesn't it move windows
> in the expected position?

Windows were not opened on configured desktop
> auto-move-windows was using GSettings in 3.2.0, but I had to remove
> that to support installation through, so you need
> to manually modify the JS file at
> ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/auto-move-windows gnome-shell-extensions gcampax github com/extension.js.
> GSettings support comes back for 3.3.3, with UI starting at 3.3.90.

Can you be more specific on what I have to change on extension.js?

>> Now, I am really thing to move back to 3.2.0 in order to be able to
>> use CoverflowAltTab.
>> Unless someone can have a quick look why it doesn't work on
> Until last update, it was marked only compatible with 3.2.1, now it
> should work on all 3.2.*.
Can I check this?

> I guess it was only a metadata error.
> Giovanni
On you first e-mail you mentioned about entering in failback mode. How
do i enable this?
Googling about it came across with the following
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session session-name 'gnome-fallback'

is this the correct way?


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