Re: Design choice for suspend option only

On Fri, 2012-03-02 at 13:01 +0000, Mark Blakeney wrote:
> Can somebody please post a reference to a discussion amongst the gnome3 
> developers about why they decided to only provide a suspend option on the 
> user menu (and hide the power off option with the alt modifier)? I would 
> really like to know by what rationale they came to this astonishing 
> decision?

Oh crap, not this again.  This has been discussed over and over and over
and over, and, yes, over again.  I promise you nobody here is interested
in hearing about this *AGAIN*.  The horse is dead, and covered with post
mortum bruising.  Please don't kick it anymore.

I have no idea where the 'reference discussion' is.  Search the
archives,  you'll find tons of crap about this.

> I like and promote gnome-shell but frankly it is embarrassing to have to 
> apologise for this design choice to new users. It leaves an awkward first 
> impression.

So enable the extension that changes the behavior, then be happy.

System & Network Administrator [ LPI & NCLA ]
OpenGroupware Developer <>
Adam Tauno Williams

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