RE: The lost screenwaiter [Was: The lost screensaver]

On Wed, 2012-02-22 at 08:12 +0000, Gabriel Rossetti wrote:
> I wouldn’t run passwd –d username, that will allow anyone to remote
> into your machine with no password unless I’m mistaking... 

Yes, but that's what he wants.  There is no point in pretending what he
wants isn't a terrible idea.

Just make sure remote access is disabled [which is the default on most
current distributions].

> There is an option somewhere to allow password-less logins on the UI,
> I’d use that if I were you.

/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager set DISPLAYMANAGER_PASSWORD_LESS_LOGIN to
"yes".  At least on openSUSE.  That might work.

System & Network Administrator [ LPI & NCLA ]
OpenGroupware Developer <>
Adam Tauno Williams

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